J系列沥 青混合料搅拌设备


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       J4000型集装 箱式搅拌设备是在吸收国内外先进技术,在本公 司多年设计制造沥青搅拌设备成熟技术的基础上开发出的具有当代国际先进水平的沥青混合料搅拌设备。该设备 可生产各种沥青混合料、改性沥青混合料、彩色沥青混合料,完全满 足修筑高速公路、等级公路、市政道路、机场等工程的需要。
       在设备的总体结构上,除烘干燥简、沥青加热系统除外,其余各 总成模块均以集装箱结构模块并列或累叠两种方式进行连接,使各系 统模块组成一个整体,增加设 备的稳定性和紧凑型。各总成 之间的连接平台、栏杆、爬梯等 通过巧妙地优化设计,预装在各系统模块内。比如热提采用的2.5m*3m集装箱,巧妙地 将热提和环绕盘旋梯纳入其内,结束了 以往楼体平台栏杆繁杂的时代。
       如需要(选装基架)集装箱 式沥青搅拌设备则无需地脚,只要对 地简单硬化处理即可安装。繁杂的 各零件连接均已在场内装备完毕,工地只 需做模块之间的简单连接,这样大 大节省了安装调试的时间。转场、迁移非常迅速,就像一 座移动的沥青混凝土工厂,它是进 行大规模施工的可靠的保证。
J4000 container mixing equipment is an asphalt mixing equipment with advanced international level developed on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology and based on the mature technology of asphalt mixing equipment designed and manufactured by the company for many years. The equipment can produce all kinds of asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture and colored asphalt mixture, which fully meets the needs of construction of highways, grade roads, municipal roads, airports and other projects.
In the overall structure of the equipment, except for the drying and drying, except for the asphalt heating system, the other assembly modules are connected in parallel or in a stack of container structural modules, so that each system module is integrated into one, increasing the stability of the equipment. And compact. The connection platforms, railings, ladders, etc. between the assemblies are pre-installed in each system module by subtly optimizing the design. For example, the 2.5m*3m container used for hot extraction subtly incorporates the hot lift and the surrounding spiral ladder, ending the complicated era of the railing of the building platform.
If you need (optional base frame) container type asphalt mixing equipment, you don't need a foot, you can install it by simply hardening the ground. The complicated connection of various parts has been completed in the field, and the construction site only needs to make a simple connection between the modules, which greatly saves the time of installation and debugging. The transition and migration are very fast, like a moving asphalt concrete plant, which is a reliable guarantee for large-scale construction.

主要技 术性能与参数一览表
Project name
Economic index
Rated productivity
t/hr.  280-320 
Finished silo capacity/volume
t/M³  200/110 
Installed capacity
KVA  990 
Dust removal effect
mg/N·m³   50 
Ear noise
dB  73 
Ambient noise
dB  82 
Measurement accuracy
砂石料 Sand and gravel ±0.50% 
粉料 Powder ±0.30% 
沥青 Asphalt ±0.25% 
Temperature control error
℃  ≤5 
Tons of fuel consumption
Kg  ≯6.0 
Control method
计算机全自动控制,电气操 作并配有手动过载控制
Fully automatic computer control, electrical operation and manual overload control
*Because our company keeps updating, if there is any data, the actual product shall prevail.

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